NAFILean logoNAFILean is 20% hemp fibres reinforced polypropylene compound and is designed for automotive structural parts by injection process.
In regard to environmental issues and the progressive exhaustion of fossil resources, NAFILean is a clear answer to the trend in the automotive industry towards lightweight concepts and bio-materials.

Weight breakthrough

A weight reduction potential of 5kg per vehicle

Weight breakthrough - NAFILean
For covered or non visible applications for Instrument Panels / Door Panels / Center Consoles


Weight ReductionUp to 25% weight saving potential versus injected parts with conventinnal materials
SustainabilityUse of renewable & “green” materials
Positive influence in Life Cycle Assesment
Less dependency from oil market

Life Cycle Assessment NAFILean

Users benefits

  • Weight reduction: up to 25%
  • Environment: impact reduced by 25% (based on Life Cycle Analysis)
  • Recyclability validated
  • Processable with traditional injection machines
  • Unique solution on the automotive interior market

NAFILean Market Reference

Value chain

From hemp fields to instrument panels…
NAFILean Value Chain