NAFILean logoThe material’s name refers to the new architectural concept possibilities of a “just what is necessary” approach: the idea is to reach premium performance with a minimum of a specifically engineered high-performance material. This is now possible due to NAFILean’s easy processing and low-thickness design, which gives a 15-25% weight reduction over traditional architectures (including all non-visible and covered parts).

Mains characteritics

  • PP-NF20 (20% hemp) compound for injection
  • Density reduced (0,98 g/cm3)
  • Concept optimization (wall thickness reduction, e.g. 2,5mm to 2mm)
  • Crash performance equal to conventional materials
  • Good thermal and mechanical properties
  • Low odor & low VOC
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Bio-content: 20% wt.
  • Applicable for non-visible parts, validated on P/E-MD20, P/E-LGF or PC+ABS applications

Materials properties NAFILean



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