• Can be recycled with in-house recycling process
  • Properties remain stable after recycling step
  • Validated by industrials for integration within standard plastics treatment and regeneration processes


NAFILean Recycling process

Life Cycle Assessment

LCA is a tool for environmental impacts evaluation through all stages of a product life. This assessment is a cradle to grave one, according to CML2001,dec 2007 method with normalization and weighting. The data output is the total of environmental impacts of production, use phase and end of life.

NAFILean Life Cycle Analysist


Abiotic DepletionADPAbiotic Depletion (kg Sb-Equiv.) :
> Rate of decrease of non renewable resources (ores, oil, water, …).
Acidification PotentialAPAcidification Potential (kg SO2-Equiv.) :
> Acid rains and atmosphere attacks due to sulfur based substances emissions to air.
Eutrophication PotentialEPEutrophication Potential (kg Phosphate-Equiv.) :
> Increase of nutrient quantity in waters which alters ecosystems (algae proliferation, …).
Global Warming PotentialGWPGlobal Warming Potential (kg CO2-Equiv.) :
> Increasing of earth temperature due to greenhouse gas emissions.
Photochem Ozone Creation PotentialPOCPPhotochem. Ozone Creation Potential (kg Ethene-Equiv.) :
> Ozone creation in the troposphere, due to oxidation of VOC released into the air, activated by NOx and UV from sunlight, causes smog.