NAFILean logoNAFILean has been developed to introduce green content into high-performance material for injected instrument panels, door panels and center consoles on such components as trim parts, top covers, defroster and closure ducts.

Door panels

NAFILean is incorporated successfully into the door panels of PSA Peugeot-Citroën’s new 308 production vehicle.

NAFILean can be used in traditional injection machines and stands as a unique market solution from APM. The world premiere of NAFILean is featured in the door panels of the new Peugeot 308 introduced to the public at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

NAFILean Appli Peugeot 308 Door Panels


Instrument panels

NAFILean is mature for instrument panel applications.

The fully optimized NAFILean concept has been validated in critical interior applications:

large parts subject to drastic safety requirements (head and knee impact, airbag deployment) together with severe long-term ageing requirements.

NAFILean Appli Instrument Panels

NAFILean application simulated and tested on the DS3 premium instrument panel