Logo Biomat - APMBioMat is 25% hemp fibres reinforced poly(butylene succinate) (PBS) compound (100% biobased) and is designed for interior automotive structural parts by injection process.
It represents a breakthrough to go with 100% petro free plastics in automotive.


Uniqueness Unique solution on the market
Sustainability 100% bio-based material fibers and bio matrix
Environment 100% renewable materials (substitute petrol plastics by biomass material)
Economics Competitive price: allowing reduction of oil price dependency

Users benefits

  • 100% bio-based materials (bio matrix PBS and hemp fibres)
  • Positive impact on Life Cycle Assessment -> CO² balance improvement
  • Competitive price: allowing reduction of oil price dependency
  • Processable with traditional injection machines

Value chain

While NAFILean represents an intermediate step toward a complete bio-based material, BioMat is ready to roll out an injection material with a 100 percent bio-based material (natural fibers and bio-based matrix), eliminating oil-based materials.

Biomat Value Chain